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Ducan is quite reminiscent of quarried stone, yet, it is actually a very modern glazed tile. This sophisticated tile also boasts a soft and beautifully marbled shading that further enhances its earthen charm. The wall field tile and accessories really open up design possibilities and add interest to any area of the home.

Field Tile

Ducan Cream 00846
  CREAM 00846

Wall Field Tile and Accessories

Ducan Cream 00846 Wall Tile
  CREAM 00846

Ducan Cream 00846 Wall Tile Deco
  CREAM DECO 00846

Wall Tile Accessories

Ducan Cream LTE 00846 Listello


Field Tile
13.5" x 13.5"
18.5" x 18.5"
8" x 13"

Wall Accessories
4" x 8"

Variations in shade, pattern and size are natural features of tiles. Final color selection should be made from actual tile samples

Variation of Shade VS2





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